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24 Hour Medical Phone Answering Services:

Physician Answering Service

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Lawyer Answering Service

#1 Rated Phone Answering Service in the USA

Detailed messages are sent directly to pagers, cellular phones and various wireless devices, showing the caller’s name, phone number, and message. The device carrier can immediately respond or hold the call in the pager memory for later action.


We connect you directly with important caller, wherever you are.

For example, we  answer your business line anywhere under your business name we have one of your customer’s needing to speak with you right away we place caller on hold as we try to locate you .we will call you at home or your cell phone announcing the caller’s name etc…with your approval connect the caller to you right away with this process which will take only a few seconds.

A national leader in the call center industry, N.M.B. Call Center, Inc. has been providing call center and order entry services to businesses of all sizes for more than four decades.  Using state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology, our award-winning, 24 x 7 call center services include:


–  Bilingual Operators

–   Customized Greetings

–   Toll Free Numbers Available

–   Absentee reporting

–   Literature request line

–   Appointment Scheduling

–   Seminar and event registration

–   Answering Service

–   Email read and respond

–   Lead generation

–   Inbound telemarketing

–   Virtual office

–   Light fulfillment

–   And much much more!!



Whether you have a single product, large e-commerce web site or a full product catalog, our professionally-trained agents are fully supported with cutting-edge technology, making them proficient, effective, and productive for our clients.


Our fully web-enabled Call Center Platform allows for custom design and scripting, real-time credit card verification and processing and much more.  Our clients also have the freedom to choose whether they want to use their own, existing e-commerce site for order taking or to utilize one of our in-house solutions for gathering order information – either through the web or through more traditional scheduling services.  Regardless of the method you choose, your customers will receive prompt, exceptional service with accuracy and integrity.


Your callers will never be put on hold to answer another call.

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